Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Creating a YouTube account for student or teacher use

YouTube can offer many opportunities for both students and teachers to share ideas, concepts, projects, lessons, and reinforcement in an easy to use, connected environment.

Videos created and uploaded to YouTube can be embedded in websites, blog posts, and linked in emails.

Every student and teacher has a YouTube account that is linked to your school gmail/google account.

You can control the privacy settings to allow your videos to be seen by the world or a handful of people you have carefully selected.

The following information is from Google:

"If you already have a Google Account, then adding YouTube is very simple. Visit, click Sign in in the top-right corner, and enter your Google Account login information. That’s it!

Using your Google Account, you can log into YouTube and access many features without setting up a Channel. Once logged in with your Google Account, you can like videos, subscribe to channels, and flag videos using just your Google Account. You can also add videos to Watch Later.
While you're logged in, YouTube will keep track of your viewing history, and use videos you’ve watched, videos you’ve liked, and your subscriptions to recommend other videos for you to enjoy.

If you'd like to upload your own video content, comment on your favorite videos, or create playlists, you'll need to create a Channel first."

Creating a Channel

In order to perform certain actions on YouTube (such as uploading, commenting, or creating playlists), you'll need to create a YouTube Channel.

Our goals today:

  • Make sure we can sign into our YouTube account
  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Upload a video to our YouTube channel
The next step(s)
  • Share our video
  • Embed video
  • Link video
  • Subscribe to other channels

Thank You

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